Mind, Body & Goals

The Idea

Virtuous Savage Experiences were created by Craig Ainsworth, veteran Royal Marine Commando, elite bodyguard, and Interpol associate;  revolutionising the way people reset, re-energise, and refocus, their mind, body, and goals.

Virtuous Savage is not your standard retreat where you kick back and relax for a few days, only for your problems and the same old you, sat waiting patiently to meet you at the airport when you arrive home. Nor are they military bootcamps, pushing you to your limits for a week before setting you free to resume old habits and rituals. Instead, Virtuous Savage Experiences have been designed to empower our guests, sending them home ready to take on the world, supported by the Virtuous Savage community and armed with the A.L.P.H.A mindset.

A Virtuous Savage is a self-sufficient, self-competing, self-disciplined dreamer; striving for greatness, insistent on kindness, and guided by the Virtuous Savage ethos, ALPHA.

The Location

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The Virtuous Savage experience teaches you to take control of your life through extreme ownership techniques and processes that empower you to become the best version of yourself and reach your full potential; sending you home ready to take on the world. Guided by former Royal Marine Commandos and our awesome team of legends, our guests will learn the art of building self-belief, resilience, and genuine confidence whilst taking on awesome challenges in some of the world’s most beautiful locations. The week’s intensity ramps up and the benefits of an ALPHA mindset can be expressed in real time, through real challenges, and a whole lot of fun. However, consistency is key to success, so our post Experience support is just as important as the lessons learnt on an Experience. That’s why our community means so much to us, and with a members only area on our site with workouts, recipes and motivation; plus, our associate gyms, courses and classes work to further support consistent efforts as our Virtuous Savages set out on their Virtuous Savage roadmap to success, crafted with our team to support the continuation of our guests journey to improving their mind, body and goals!

Life is an ever-evolving beautiful beast that we must maintain control over, or it will control us. Virtuous Savage Experiences empower anyone to take control of the things they can, accept the things they cannot through extreme ownership and tolerance. Therefore, our Experiences are aimed at anyone physically able to attend. Our community of gyms and health clubs aiding their preparation to attend, as well as their consistency post attendance.

There is a minimum requirement for all guests as Virtuous Savage Experiences are designed to push you to your physical limit. You should be prepared for high intensity exercise. Our friendly team will do the rest.

This is a whole new level of adventure, with life changing lessons on offer to take vantage of and apply to your daily life and long-term goals. We are associated with gyms as part of the Virtuous Savage Community to keep our guests motivated and aid the consistent efforts.

Of course, we cater for all dietary requirements made known to us during the booking process. Our chefs concoct gorgeous, nutritious meals and cater for all requirements. Please highlight your needs upon booking. We will also share some simple healthy meals and shakes you can easily
make yourself once back home.

Other concepts we have primed, but we can create Experiences anywhere upon request:

Portugal – Luxury villa, yacht day, hikes, kayaking, and coasteering: April-November
Thailand – Muay Thai Jungle based Experience: November-March
Peru – pre-cleansing packages for local Ayahuasca retreats: April-September
Canada – Mountain adventure retreat: May-October

How much will it cost?

£ 5000
7 Nights, 8 - 12 People

How to Book

To book any of our retreats just reach out to us and we can help design your perfect adventure.

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