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Almost a quarter of the UK’s largest listed employers have shown improvement in workplace mental health performance in the past year, with nearly half acknowledging the connection between financial wellbeing and employee mental health, according to the CCLA Corporate Mental Health Benchmark-UK 100.

The benchmark, which evaluates the global approach to workplace mental health of 100 of the UK’s largest listed companies with over 10,000 employees each, highlights the significance of mental health as a systemic risk and encourages robust management systems. The companies are ranked across five performance tiers to promote a focus on mental health among companies and investors, ultimately aiming for employee well-being and success.

Among the companies assessed, 24 have moved up at least one tier since the inaugural benchmark in 2022, with 10 firms exiting the lowest tier. Furthermore, 19 companies now rank in the top two benchmark tiers, doubling the number from the previous year. Centrica, Experian, HSBC, and Serco Group emerged as the top performers, securing places in the highest tier. Notably, Weir Group experienced significant improvement, advancing from tier four in 2022 to tier two in 2023.

Leadership Workshops

Our Workplace Mental Health Masterclass is specifically designed to train executive, managers, supervisors, and other leaders to create a psychologically safe, inclusive, and productive workplace. Establishing a workplace culture designed to empower every member of the team no matter their position or circumstance.

Corporate and Team Wellbeing Workshops

Our wellbeing programmes are designed to meet the specific challenges faced by your teams and make a real difference to the success of your business. We’ll help you find a balance that makes everyone feel supported and valued. Our programmes combine reactive and preventative measures to support individual and community mental health in business.

Wellbeing Programmes

Including, but certainly not limited to:

  • Bi-weekly 45-minute wellbeing webinars
  • Monthly Mental Health Awareness training for managers
  • Access to or your very own tailored Virtuous app for all frontline employees
  • Quarterly data and feedback reports

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Poor mental health is costing UK companies an estimated €43 billion each vear in absence alone - equating to over 72 million lost working days even before considering presenteeism.

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